Rotary feeders

Rotary feeders are used for the proportioning, feeding and discharge of fine-grained and powdery products and granulates. A sealing system is used to seal the shaft bearing of rotary feeders used with powder by separating the bearing area from the product area.

Deesys has developed buffer gas and bearing sealing systems from specially developed, extremely wear-resistant PTFE compounds. To greatly simplify installation on your premises, we can deliver the seals preassembled and calibrated in steel casing. Easy installation and replacement are guaranteed by the client's design and choice of materials.

Other features:

  • Gas purge sealing system comprising bearing seal and buffer gas seal
  • Counterface in the form of a wear bushing adapted to the seal
  • Suitable for pressures p< 3.5 bar (system and differential pressure)
  • Pressure shock resistant up to p< 10 bar