Sealing systems have to withstand high demands. They have to be abrasion-resistant, leak-free, low-friction, resistant to aggressive substances, small and easy to fit.

Deesys's linear sealing systems live up to these high criteria. Their performance under extreme pressure far exceeds the norm. They are used in for example pressure intensifiers, water torches, plunger seals in piston pumps, high pressure test benches and isostatic presses.

Our standard linear seals also help you cut costs. Whether you need tough PTFE compounds to ensure chemical resistance, small seals to enable easy fitting, or a hygienic design for use in the food industry, we'll be happy to advise you on the ideal make-up of your sealing system and to deliver the components required.

Working with Deesys gives you the following advantages:

  • Adaptation of seals' materials, size and shape as required
  • Manufacture of individual parts
  • Adaptation to operating parameters